Hello, my name is Brittney 



I am momma to one beautiful little girl. She is and always will be my first priority, but like most moms it is important for us to stay relative and have a little something for ourselves to enjoy. As much as I love my job as a mother and assistant buyer I crave all things art, culture, fashion and travel.

My close friends and family have always told me i'm an old soul, a hippy at heart and Harper is my wildflower. I have to say all things vintage and retro really make me feel the most at home. We moved a lot as a kid, and I have moved almost every year since I was 18, so my roots are sewn into all things nestalgia. I hope to share the life of a genuine mother and wife who  gains friends and relationships with other women who choose to do it all!! 


                                                                              Brittney Deshotels
1. I'm a descendant of David Crocket ( i don't know why but I think its BA- cause he's BA)
2. I will never turn down pizza.
3. When I grow up I want to buy a horse 
4. I hate t.v. so I instead I stay up writing out my bucket list of traveling destinations, almost every night before bed 
5. I choose crafts and play time over cleaning #messyhousehappylife
6. My least favorite work out is running
7. I'm 5'2 ... living the short life 
8. I have a soft spot for ANYTHING baby/kids
9. I have a twin, brother 
10. Yes, I wear extensions : )